Newsletter Monday 15th to Sunday 21st November

Mass Intentions for the week ahead

Monday @ 10am, Glounthaune – No Mass today

Tuesday @ 10am, Glounthaune – No Mass today

Wednesday @ 10am, Glounthaune – No Mass today

Thursday @ 10am, Little Island – No Mass today

Friday @ 10am, Little Island – Madge & Paddy Murphy R.I.P.

Saturday 20th November @ 6pm, Glounthaune – Jeremiah Broderick, Maude Quinlan, Alice Hennessy, Margot Healy R.I.P.

Sunday 21st November @ 9am, Knockraha – Kitty Collins R.I.P.

Sunday 21st November @ 10.30am, Little Island – Diane Wakefield Months Mind; Maureen Stafford, Tim, Mary & Marguerite O’Brien R.I.P.

Sunday 21st November @ 12 noon, Glounthaune – Deceased members of the O’Brien family, Mai Hennessy, Seán Leahy R.I.P.


Holy Hour takes place every Wednesday and Friday from 3pm to 4pm in the Sacred Heart Church, Glounthaune.

Bishop Fintan has asked the priests of the diocese to keep 14th – 18th November free to attend planning talks as the need for pastoral restructuring becomes more evident and urgent. The priests of the diocese will spend this time working together to plan how best to support each other as they move towards closer collaboration in Families of Parishes. Therefore, weekday Masses are cancelled from 15th to 18th November.

Bishop Fintan will be paying a pastoral visit to this parish on the weekend on 4th/5th December. He will celebrate all of the weekend Masses in out three Churches. More information about this will follow in the coming weeks.


May perpetual light shine upon the faces of all who rest here.
May the lives they lived unfold further in spirit.
May all their past travail find ease in the kindness of clay.
May the remembering earth mind every memory they brought.
May the rains from the heavens fall gently upon them.
May the wildflowers and grasses whisper their wishes into light.
May we reverence the village of presence in the stillness of this silent field.

“On Passing a Graveyard” by John O’Donohue (1956-2008), from Benedictus: A book of blessings (Bantam Press, 2007)

Priest on call – 089 261 5630; Parish Office 021 4353366; Email

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